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Asian dating events

Why Tantric Club events are unique & how they benefit you?

Just view our events calendar and it becomes very clear that giving you the best possible experience and maximising your opportunities of connecting with fellow single Asian professionals is at the forefront:
  • When you book an event, the activity that you will be taking part in ensures that you’re going to meet like-minded professionals with whom you share a common interest.
  • Each event activity attracts individuals with certain personality traits. For example a comedy event will appeal to people who have a sense of humour, enjoy having a good laugh and are down-to-earth. Therefore, if an event appeals to you, you can be sure that it will also attract others with similar personality traits to you.
  • Our interactive activities ensure that you network with all members & guests at the event. After all, what’s the point of going to an event where you do not have an opportunity to do this?
  • All events are well organised and hosted with a strict 50:50 ratio of male & female guests. This ensures that you can attend alone with the peace of mind that you will naturally be interacting through the activity.
  • Whilst you’re trying, or learning something different at an event, at the very least you’re guaranteed a good night out, with the added bonus of potentially meeting someone special.
  • Tantric Club events allow you to be yourself – no pressure, no timed performances and no cattle markets – just come along and be your natural great self!
*Please note: we do not host matchmaking events. If you are interested in personal matchmaking, please consider our
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