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Asian dating events Asian dating events Asian dating events Asian dating events Asian dating events

Exclusive Members Club for Single Asian Professionals

At the forefront of the Asian dating world, Tantric Club is an exclusive members club for single Asian professionals. Established in 2004, Tantric Club connects like-minded members through common interests via fun activity-based events, dinner parties and an Asian dating agency service. So no matter which stage you find yourself in your search, we have a service that will suit your needs.
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"A personal relationship starts with human contact, not a computer screen, which is why all of our activities are focused on face-to-face encounters..."
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  • Asian dating events
    Xmas Drinks & Canapes (age 40-55)
    Saturday 20 December, 2014
    Join a fun crowd (aged 40 to 55) for a few festive drinks, delicious canapes and fun ice-breakers this December. It’s an informal & relaxed evening, which provides
  • Asian dating events
    Drinks & Canapes Evening (30 to early 40s)
    Saturday 17 January, 2015
    Join a fun crowd (aged 30 to early 40s) for a few drinks, delicious canapes and fun ice-breakers this January. It’s an informal & relaxed evening, which provides you
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