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About Us

In the words of Tantric Club’s Managing Director…

“As a single Asian professional, I was finding it extremely difficult to juggle the demands of a successful career with my growing desire to meet a suitable partner. The traditional methods of “match-making” I experienced were not only emotionally draining, but I also found it really hard to relax and be myself.

I knew that the existing modern methods were probably unsuitable for my needs. I really wanted something that combined the traditional principles, with the benefits of a conventional approach of meeting a partner.

And I knew that I wasn't alone. I had many conversations with friends, family and work colleagues and we all felt the same. Sure enough, all of us had successfully invested and nurtured our careers. But when it came to our ‘marital future’ I discovered that we were a generation of Asians without a blueprint.

We all wanted to feel like we were part of something that reflected our status in society and preserved our traditions of wanting to meet an Asian partner with similar professional ambitions and success.

I failed to find any services out there that met our specific requirements, and that is how Tantric Club was born…”

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