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I am still single but...

Well yes I am still single, but I think the problem is that there are no decent partners left out there for me. I have tried some online dating but I have not really met anyone. I went to some singles events and I found that despite exchanging numbers a few times, nothing really materialised. I joined a dating agency but have not really had many matches. So you see, it’s all a waste of time and costly that is why I am still single.

Yes, I’m still single but I have put myself out there to network & meet new people. I’m trying all different avenues available to me – online dating, Asian dating events & dating agency services – each with different results but hey I’m smart enough to realise that I should not be putting my eggs into one basket. The more people I meet, it increases the opportunities of meeting that special someone. To me, it’s important to keep a positive and open-mind and view it as an investment in my search for a life partner.

So I kind of know what type of person I am looking for, you know someone that I would get along with, they should be confident. On second thoughts may be not too confident, but then again may be so as I am not so confident myself. Oh they should definitely be good looking and my desired height that is really important to me. As for personality traits, I haven’t honestly given it much thought, I guess as long as we get on that’s all that matters.

I know exactly what type of person I am looking for, the personality traits, their values and outlook on life. But I am equally aware that there may be some areas where I may have to compromise, if the person is otherwise suitable. Physical attraction is important as well, but I’m not going to dismiss someone because they do not meet my ideals to the tee. For me, having a clear idea of who I am looking for is important. I mean would you get into your car to go somewhere without knowing what your destination is? Otherwise you would be driving around aimlessly and possibly keep passing your destination without even realising.

My interests; well I work long hours. This does not leave me much time so I normally hang out with friends, go to bars, the odd club, the cinema every now and then and do some sports. Can’t say I really have any major interests or passions. Of course I would like to do more things like go to the theatre, have new experiences and see the world, but to be honest I am waiting to do all of these things with my partner. I mean these things are no fun when you’re doing it as a singleton, are they?

I have many interests, I enjoy keeping fit, dining out, bars, socialising, the Arts and I’m passionate about travelling and seeing the world. I’ve also recently started taking Spanish classes. Every month I make sure that I do something different, so last month I went to an outdoor festival and this month I am going to try dragon boat racing. My experiences mean that it always keeps the conversation interesting when I am on a date and shows that I live my life to the full. After all, who wants to date a bore?


In any given situation, there are always two perspectives that you can take – the positive, or the negative. By focusing on the positive and simply changing your words and attitude, you can change the way that you feel and approach the situation. Whilst it is easier to dwell on a problem and pass on the responsibility to someone else, ultimately it takes you further away from finding a solution…

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