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Asian Date: Professional Life V Personal Life

You're intelligent, confident, dedicated, successful and an attractive proposition who can charm your way into getting what you want. Well in your career at least! If you consider the effort and number of years it has taken to achieve your professional goals, you'll start to recognise that if you gave up every time the going got tough, you wouldn't be where you are today. So here you are with another big goal. Arguably, like your career it will also affect the rest of your life. The only difference is that it's a personal goal – the search for a life partner. However, if you compare the time, money and energy that you have invested in achieving this goal, compared to your career how does it fare? Taking an educated guess, for many I would imagine that it comes nowhere close. Yet the desired outcome is one similar to your professional success.

For most, getting an education was the starting point. Years spent on personal development – studying, courses, work experience etc. Comparatively, how much time do you, or have you spent on developing yourself to attract the right partner? Or even to have better dating and relationship experiences? Out of a lack of self-awareness some people blindly repeat the same mistakes, attract the same unhealthy relationships, whilst others seek partners to negate their flaws rather than working on themselves. People spend years honing their professional skills to attain their dream job, imagine the results if they applied the same awareness and dedication to their love life.

Hurray you're qualified! It's CV time. You spend hours perfecting this document to maximise your opportunities of getting a first interview. But how much thought do you put into your Asian Online Dating profile to get a first date? Unfortunately, some people's online dating profiles appear to have been given as much thought as it takes to scribbling the weekly shopping on the back of an old envelope. It's riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, not to mention as interesting as reading the ingredients of a tin of soup. Decline, decline and umm decline! The flip side of this is that if you are not good at doing this yourself, or feel that you come across better in person than on paper, you have options via British Asian Dating Sites if you are willing to use them like Asian Dating Events in London, or an Asian Singles Dating Personal Matchmaking service.

Your meticulous CV has got you through the door but there's no room for complacency. It's competitive out there. You have to present yourself well and answer and ask questions appropriately. You spend hours practicing and fine-tuning, you only have one shot and need to give it your all. So how much effort do you put into preparing for a first date, or even for an Asian dating event? Do you pay enough attention to your appearance and personal hygiene? How about conversation? Granted, some people are shy and struggle to make conversation. If you fall into this category, just like you would prepare for an interview, or a work meeting there is scope for you to prepare for conversation, providing you're willing to make the effort. On the other hand there are people who suffer from verbal diarrhoea or enjoy bragging. Wonder if they would behave like that in a professional environment?

Ok, you‘ve got the job but you want to make your mark and fast track your career. It won't happen overnight, you will need to invest time both during and outside of working hours. People sometimes ask is it worth me attending this event? Will it be a waste of time? Is there someone there that could be suitable? Well was it worth you attending a number of networking events at work, which eventually resulted in new business or a promotion? It did not happen instantaneously but it surely was not a waste of your time. The harsh reality is that if you feel that investing your time and money to find a partner is a waste of time, no one else is going to value it on your behalf. So ultimately who is missing out? Just consider the results that you got when you did this for your professional life.

It's great that you're successful in your career and reaping the fruits of your labour. But how sweeter would those fruits be if you were sharing them with a life partner? We all lead busy lives but if you invested even half of your personal resources that you do in your professional life, imagine the possibilities. There is no guaranteed formula for success but by not doing anything, or even enough, the results are likely to be less desirable. For most people meeting someone does not happen overnight, it's a nurturing process. Whilst it's easier to abdicate responsibility, blame society or even an entire gender, rather than consciously making an effort, they will not be the ones missing out. The irony is that many people recognise that prioritising and being proactive has worked successfully to achieve their professional goals. It then begs the question why have they failed to adopt the same attitude, or resources to fulfil arguably one of the most important personal goals in their life – the search for a life partner?

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The article is spot on.. I can definately relate to the experience this person had. I also went through something very similar in the last few weeks. I always said to myself that I would not form a phone/ text/ / what's app relationship before meeting the lady and further more not allowing myself to have any expectations... I threw both of these rules out of the window which actually felt like I've just been through a break up.

Sometimes it's easier to lose yourself in your work and focus on that as it is going right, rather than focus on something that isn't. But I appreciate that is probably not the right solution because if you do not work on what is not going right, how can it ever get right!
Thank you for this reminder, it is so easy to get caught up with work that the rest of your life just goes out of the window. I think sometimes people focus on work as it justifies their lack of partner, rather than doing something about it. Be great to hear what other people think?


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