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Asian Singles Dating: New Year Dating Resolutions

Have you made any new year’s resolutions? How are they going? Many of us start of the New Year with great intentions to make changes to our lives and fulfil new goals. Feeling refreshed from the festive season break, we go forth but before long we risk getting caught up in the same busyness of work & life and right back at the start of another new year, vowing that this year is going to be different from the last. If this resonates with you, we want to help you keep on track with your resolution of meeting that special someone this year through using Asian Dating Services. So here are some tips & reminders:

Be proactive – The harsh reality is that Mr or Miss Right is not going to knock on your door. If you have consciously made a decision to find that special someone then you need to be proactive in your search. The key is to put yourself out there to create and seize opportunities to meet new like-minded people.

Prioritise - Intentionally make time in your schedule to attend Asian Dating Events in London, join Asian Dating Service, an Asian Online Dating site (or whatever works for you). Generating interest is only half of it; you then actually need to make time to go on dates with the people that you meet through these means. Remember, if you do not believe that it is worth investing your time, money and effort in your own search, why should anyone else?

A date is a date – A date is a date, not a gruelling job interview for a prospective spouse. Meeting new people should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore. You do not have to make any life changing decisions after meeting someone for the first time, so don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, or your date.

Be open-minded – Give people a fair chance, rather than being dismissive instantaneously. If you get along with someone and there is some degree of attraction but the sparks of electricity are not flying, it does not mean that they cannot ensue, or should not go on a second date. If after 2 or 3 dates you really do not feel anything then surely it’s better that you tried, than to look back and wonder 'what if?'

A positive mindset – You should approach dating with a positive mindset and accept that there will be good dates and bad dates. Getting wound up and frustrated will not serve you well. If you find yourself veering towards negativity, take some time out. Otherwise you’ll go on dates sending out the wrong signals and potentially risk losing great relationship opportunities.

Be patient – If you try an Asian Dating Service and you get no results, you should not write it off as a waste of time. For example, if it was as easy as going to one Asian Singles Dating Event and you’re guaranteed to meet that special someone, then there would not be a population of single people. Dating is akin to gardening. You have to sow the seeds, water and nurture in order to get results. However, it doesn’t happen overnight, it requires time, effort and patience.

Enjoy the moment – Dating should be fun, enjoy the present moment without trying to plan or predict the future. Whilst you are serious about meeting someone, at the same time you have to let things progress organically so you can really get to know one another. When you’re constantly worrying and questioning whether there is a future, often the answer lies in the present moment, which you risk overlooking (and possibly sabotaging) because you’re not focusing on the here and now.

On a final note, dating is a journey which will lead you to your destiny-ation. Along the way there will be highs and there will be lows. The key to success is to be proactive, positive and patient. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your search for that special someone in 2011!

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