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Is it time for a new dating mindset? By Alpa Saujani

The New Year has well and truly kicked-off! How are you faring with your resolution to find a partner? Studies suggest that by the end of January, just under 40% of people break their new year's resolutions. Here we are a month later, are you part of this statistic? If you are serious about meeting someone special in 2013, it's time to organise, prioritise and get into the right mindset. Here's our quick A-Z guide to keep you on track:

Attitude - a positive attitude yields positive results!

Brave - take the plunge and put yourself out there. For example, if you can't find anyone to attend an event with, be brave and don't miss out! (You may not be aware but on average 76% of people attend Tantric Club events by themselves!)

Control - if you want to meet someone special, it's time to take control of your schedule and priorities. If you don't make the time and effort, no one else is going to do it for you.

Destiny - take charge of your own destiny! Put yourself out there to start dating, meeting other single people and trying new things to increase your opportunities of meeting someone special.

Ego - leave the ego at home. It does not matter how attractive, or successful you are, there's nothing wrong in using Asian dating services to meet a life partner, it's the norm in today's society.

Fun - dating is FUN! Enjoy the experiences of meeting new people. At the early stages of dating don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself to identify whether he or she is the one.

Goal - you know what your goal is, what are you waiting for? 2014? Put your plan of action into play to achieve your personal goal, as you would with a professional goal!

Heart - put your heart into dating. If you're genuine and seriously want to meet someone, you'll get out exactly what you put in.

Interview - remember it's not a job interview for a husband, or wife, it's just a date so relax and be your natural charming self!

Journey - you're on a journey to find that special someone, along the way there will be ups and downs but don't give up, or lose sight of your destination. Once you get there, it will be worth it!

Karma - treat others how you would like to be treated - what goes around comes around!

Love - being in love is one of the greatest human emotions that you'll experience. Isn't it time to stop missing out?

Moment - seize the moment, don't put of tomorrow what you can do today.

New - we're at the start of a new year full of new possibilities; make new changes to get new results in your love life.

Opportunity - grab it with both hands as you may not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Procrastination - it's time to stop making excuses and delay putting your love life on hold due to work, friends or family commitments.

Quality - when it comes to dating, quality is always more important than quantity - if you're using Asian dating services and events remember you pay for what you get!

Rush - it's not a race, take your time to get to know someone rather than rushing into something out of pressure.

Serendipity - we all fantasise of that chance encounter; your eyes meeting across a crowded room but we all also live in the real world. Whilst it can happen, you cannot sit around waiting & hoping, you still need to be proactive in your search.

Time - we are all busy but admittedly, we all find the time when we deem it important enough. So how important is your search, or desire for a life partner?

Upbeat - there will be good dates and challenging dates but whatever the outcome it's important to remain upbeat because like attracts like.

Virtual - don't spend too much time in the virtual world. You want to date a human being not an email address, phone number or BB pin!

Work - it's time to prioritise; all work and no play can leave your love life kept at bay.

X -Factor - dating can be a competitive game but we each have something unique and great to offer - so make sure you bring your X-Factor to the table!

Zest - you'll get better results if you pursue your search with zest - good luck!

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Thanks for the quick reminder, it's always easy to forget and become lazy when you are tired and busy than to make an effort. I just hope 2013 is going be a lucky in love year for me!


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