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Hi Alpa 

I just wanted to say thanks for looking after me on Saturday night. I had to rush off as I didn't want to get the train back home too late but thanks for an enjoyable evening.


Miss BM

Miss BM, Tantric Club Summer Drinks & Canapes (ages 40-55), Jul 2014

Thanks for organising Saturday night. I really enjoyed this event because I got to meet and speak to all of the ladies as we rotated through the tasting!

DD, Tantric Club World Cup Tasting Event, Jun 2014

Hi Alpa, I just wanted to follow up from last week's event with this email. I've attended a few of your events now and I have to say that they are really well organised with an opportunity to meet lots of new people. Each event has a different theme so the bonus is that you get to experience something new every time. I have no qualms about coming alone as everyone is so friendly and I've also had a few dates along the way!

Thanks for all your hard work and I would definitely recommend people to come and see what your events are about.

See you soon!

RS, Tantric Club Comedy & Party Night, Apr 2014
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