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Our Female Members

To give you an idea of the calibre and type of single professional Asian women that we have on our books, we have listed a sample selection below. In addtion to these, we have a number of female members in their late 20s to early 40s subscribed to our Asian personal matchmaking service

If you are potentially interested in meeting any of these women, please send us an email at matchmaking@tantriclub.co.uk, quoting the reference number and please also state your contact number – thank you.

Our ref:  TC7495
Location & details:  29, Hindu Punjabi, 5'6, Single, Slim/medium build, MBChB, London
Overview:  A hospital doctor, she specialises in the area of obstetrics and gynaecology and through hard work and determination has successfully built up her medical career. Calm-natured and finely balanced between an introvert/extrovert, she is thoughtful, sensitive and personable. Emotionally intelligent, she is worldly and pragmatic but also has a fun and humorous side to her personality. A big tennis fan she tries to gets along to various tournaments, including Wimbledon, every year and is a fan of Andy Murray. To feed her sense of adventure, she enjoys the outdoors and takes regular mini hikes across the UK countryside and has also climbed a glacier in New Zealand. A bit of a foodie, she likes trying new restaurants and cooking, mainly savoury dishes. Other interests include travel, the cinema, theatre, music, bars, socialising, reading contemporary fiction and keeping abreast of current affairs.
Seeking:  28-36, Educated & Professional Hindu or Sikh Male (caste no bar), Single , based in London, or the Home Counties.
She is seeking an independent, calm-natured and self-assured gentleman, who is also thoughtful and chivalrous. He should have a good sense of fun & adventure and take a 3D perspective on matters. Optimistic, ideally he would be passionate about something in life and enjoy good conversation.
Our ref:  TC4770
Location & details:  42, Sikh (Jat), 5'3, Single, Slim build, BSc & MSc, London
Overview:  As a Senior Manager, working in the area of international policy, she has excelled in her career over the years. Grounded, warm-natured and optimistic, she is a good conversationalist and listener, who is intelligent and worldly. She has an innate desire to learn and have new experiences to broaden her horizons. Passionate about dancing, she has weaved this into a number of areas in her life from Zumba classes in the gym to social nights out Salsa & Bachata dancing. It therefore comes as no surprise that she regularly watches live dance productions and is a fan of the theatre. With an aptitude for languages, she can speak fluent French, conversational Italian and is now learning Spanish. Other interests include travel, international politics, current affairs, reading and personal development. She also enjoys listening to music and socialising with friends over dinner & drinks.
Seeking:  38-47, Educated & Professional Hindu or Sikh Male (caste no bar), Single or Divorced (may consider someone with children), based in London, or the Home Counties.
She is open to meeting a Hindu or Sikh gentleman who is -to-earth, with a happy & positive disposition. He would be cultured, open to trying new things, compassionate and respectful of people from all walks of life. Fun-loving, ideally he would enjoy laughing and also be able to laugh at himself.
Our ref:  TC8563
Location & details:  34 Hindu (her mother is Gujarati & her father is Hindu Punjabi), 5'7, Single, Slim build, BSc (Hons), Berkshire
Overview:  A self-employed Osteopath, she is passionate about health and well-being and is working on expanding her business interests in this area. Easy going and open-minded, she has a quirky, mischievous and cheeky streak. Worldly with a positive outlook, she has a real zest for life. To feed her active and adventurous nature, she enjoys taking part in various activities. In the past, this has included sky-diving, the three peaks challenge and running the New York & London Marathons. She also goes to the gym and plays racquet ball. Other interests include travel, cooking, restaurants, socialising, films, theatre, gigs and concerts. Amongst this all, she manages to fit in voluntary work at osteopath clinics in the community. With a keen interest in spirituality and Hinduism, she enjoys broadening her experiences and knowledge through literature, practicing yoga and the teachings.
Seeking:  33-43, Educated & Professional Hindu Male, based in London or the Home Counties.
Her ideal match would be someone health and fitness conscious, confident, compassionate and personable. He would be spiritually aware and have an innate desire to broaden his horizons, whilst also occasionally spontaneous, fun, lives life to the full and has a good sense of humour.
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