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Asian Dating Blog

When it comes to Asian dating & relationships, we all have different experiences and opinions. Being at the forefront of the dating world, I meet and interact with single Asian professionals daily. I would like to share some insights, experiences and opinions, which I hope you find interesting.

It would also be great to get your thoughts. Please feel free to post your comments, you can do so anonymously, should you so wish. And if you do have a dating dilemma, which you would like us to discuss on this forum (again this can be done anonymously), please feel free to email us, or use our feedback form.

Happy reading!

Alpa Saujani  
(Managing Director of Tantric Club)

"All the good ones are taken..." "I don't have time to look right now, work is busy..." "I'll look when I [achieve something - i.e. lose weight, buy a flat, get a new job etc fill in as appropriate]..." Have you in the past, or are you currently using any of the above, or similar excuses not to actively search for...


Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you all of your hearts desires. The dawn of a New Year puts many in a reflective mood; what was learnt, or achieved in the last year and setting new goals for the coming year. If somewhere on that list, your love life is featured, here are some insights into the commonalities shared amongst the people whom have been successful at Tantric Club, both at


I love a bargain, as an Indian I am convinced it's in my DNA. Equally, I appreciate that you pay for what you get in life and not surprisingly, the dating game is no exception. Often, people do not yield the results that they desire in their love life but fail to attribute part of this to their choice of spending habit and attitude of investment in this area of their life... Free hook up apps It say's what it...


For the intent and purpose of this article, I would like to introduce & define the following: The Dating Prey - a single person feeling a bit low, unloved and lonely in the dating game. In order to make themselves feel better and fill this void, they seek out a Dating Buffer to massage their ego, fill up lonely weekends and be a convenient plus one to participate in social activities. However, the Dating Prey is not romantically...


In a day and age where many people look younger than their years, are obsessed with taking selfies and can simply nip out for a shot of Botox at lunchtime, is it any wonder that some of the population is walking around with an over inflated image-ego? Now don't get me wrong, you do have to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin before anyone else can truly love you. However, in the dating game when you start valuing looks in isolation, and over & above absolutely...

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