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Asian Dating Blog

When it comes to Asian dating & relationships, we all have different experiences and opinions. Being at the forefront of the dating world, I meet and interact with single Asian professionals daily. I would like to share some insights, experiences and opinions, which I hope you find interesting.

It would also be great to get your thoughts. Please feel free to post your comments, you can do so anonymously, should you so wish. And if you do have a dating dilemma, which you would like us to discuss on this forum (again this can be done anonymously), please feel free to email us, or use our feedback form.

Happy reading!

Alpa Saujani  
(Managing Director of Tantric Club)

Last week, I had two interesting conversations with two single men, one aged 46 and the other 47. The first gentleman, whom I shall refer to as Bobby, was forthcoming in telling me that the reason he believed that he had not met his life partner is because up until the last 6 months, his mental image of the woman that he should be with was a 30 year old. He openly admitted it was partly his ego and ignorance that caused him to delay updating his mental 'partner image'. In contrast, the...


We all lead such busy lives; often it's challenging trying to juggle work, family, friends and personal interests. However, when you're serious about settling down, without making adjustments to these existing commitments, it's difficult to have the time, energy, or room for that special someone in your life. This is so evident in situations where you have a great first date, or couple of dates and then the ball is dropped. Organising busy diaries for the next date is a nightmare, or...


The dating game is full of fun and games, some welcomed and some not. One falling into the latter is dating someone who blows hot & cold. One minute they're all over you (metaphorically speaking of course!) and the next, radio silence. If you really like the person in question, chances are (particularly if you're a woman) you'll ruminate and 'over analyse' everything you've said and done but the truth is that it has nothing to do with you. It's all about him/her. The sooner you...


When it comes to the dating world, there are many things that you'll love and there's just as many that you'll loathe. Either way, in order to stay in the game, you've got to be prepared to play. For some people one of these things is multi-dating. It certainly is like marmite, if you're 'old skool' it probably makes your stomach churn but multi-dating is part of the smart dater's strategy and here's why...It enables you to make smart choices. When you 're...


For as far back as I can remember there has been an ongoing debate about whether chivalry is dead. Some schools of thought are that it is the 21st century where men and women are equals and therefore women should not expect men to treat them with chivalry. Then there are those who postulate that women must live in their masculine energy to thrive as equals against men in the workplace but in their personal space, women must switch and live in their feminine energy to succeed in love...

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